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About Columbus McKinnon

Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ symbol: CMCO) is a 130 year old company with a history of strategic innovations and acquisitions that has created a broad-line designer, manufacturer and supplier of material handling products and integrated material handling solutions. These products and services are widely distributed to industrial and consumer markets worldwide.

Volland Electric is a Columbus McKinnon Master Parts Depot and Certified Columbus McKinnon Service Center

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Columbus McKinnon, Leader:

  • Electric Chain Hoists
  • Wire Rope Hoists
  • Air Hoists
  • Pullers
  • Chain Falls
  • Chain Slinks and Chain Products



Our strategy is to leverage our superior material handling design and engineering know-how to provide differentiated products, systems and services to move, lift, position or secure material. Our focus is on industrial and commercial applications with the highest potential for growing market share in countries that offer the greatest volume and profit potential.


Columbus McKinnon Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCO) is a leading designer and manufacturer of material handling products, systems and services which efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position or secure material. Headquartered in Amherst, New York, Columbus McKinnon's key products include hoists, cranes, chain and forged attachments. The Company's products serve a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications that require the safety and quality provided by Columbus McKinnon's superior product design and engineering know-how.

List of Columbus McKinnon Products:

  • Budgit
  • Chester Hoist
  • Coffing Hoists
  • CM Industrial
  • CM (Mexico)
  • CM (Brazil)
  • CraneMart
  • Shaw-Box
  • Yale
  • Yale (Europe)
  • Dixie Industries
  • Lister
  • Midland Forge
  • Lifters
  • Durbin Durco
  • Duff-Norton
  • Gautier
  • Abell Howe
  • Gaffey
  • Larco Industries
  • LodeRail
  • WECO
  • American Lifts
  • Positech
  • CM Shredders
  • Camiok
  • CM Cady

Hoist Repair

Volland Electric is a member of EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association), and has been ISO 9002 certified since April of 1998.

We offer 24 hr emergency hoist repair service. Our hoist repair services also includes preventative maintenance, electronic drive repair, load testing, modernizations, rebuilds, installations, OSHA Type inspections and repairs on foreign and domestic hoists and cranes.

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