Fork Truck Motor Repair

Specialized Repair Services
for Forklift Truck Electric Motors

Volland Electric’s service team has many years of experience in the reconditioning and repairing of DC motors used in forklift trucks. Our motor service capabilities include:

  • Dismantling, cleaning and inspection
  • Bore, bush and finish machine bearing housings
  • Weld, machine and polish bearing journals
  • Rewinding of fields and armatures
  • Commutator turning, undercutting and polishing
  • Dynamic balancing of armatures to precision standards
  • Furnish and install new brush boxes, brush springs and carbon brushes
  • Furnish and install new leads
  •  Reassembly and final electrical tests
  • Final QC inspection prior to release for shipment

The many styles of DC forklift motors we service are used in equipment manufactured by companies such as:

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