Field Machining

On-Site Machining Services

Volland Electric is pleased to announce the recent addition of another terrific value-added service for our customers. Volland Electric, the region's largest independent Electro-Mechanical Apparatus Service Company now offers on-site machining services.

  • Bearing journal repair and turning
  • Armature turning and undercutting
  • Motor slip ring and collector ring turning
  • Refacing pipe flange faces / fits
  • Restoration of sealing surfaces on pressure vessels
  • Repairs to oval manways and and handholes
  • Repairs to internal and external keyways
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Removal of broken or seized studs
  • Reaming straight and tapered fits

On-site machining avoids expensive rigging, costly hauling and prolonged equipment downtime. Save time and money!

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